Field Lead Prospecting System

Outline & Purpose

Instructions for field technicians on how to capture, record and get credit for a verified lead.

What is a “Field Lead”?

A field lead consists of contact and property information collected from a potential customer. To qualify, a lead must contain the following information
1. Full name
2. Full property address
3. Phone number
4. Email address
5. Services the lead is interested in.

Where can I look for verified leads?

  • Neighbors are a great source when working in the residential setting. If you see them out and about, approach them and ask if they would like a free quote. Offer them a brochure.
  • When working in a commercial setting, employees are great prospects. Use your judgement when asking them if they would like a quote.
  • When people see your uniforms, work vehicle, etc., they may approach you with interest. Capture their information to get a verified lead.

How to capture field leads

Complete the Field Lead Prospecting Form on an unlisted page on our website:
This will send all submissions forwarded as emails to Dispatch, with the subject line prepopulated as “Field Lead- (Prospect’s Name)
1. When capturing a lead, visit your company’s Field Lead webpage.
2. Collect the prospect’s information, inputting it in the embedded form on the web page.
3. Ensure accuracy when inputting the data. Click “Submit”
4. The information will be emailed to Dispatch, who will verify it’s accuracy.
5. Once Dispatch verifies and schedules an estimate, you will get credit for it.

How does the verified lead bonus work?

1. When a lead you’ve collected is verified, you will receive a $10 bonus. 2. You will receive the total of all of your lead bonuses as an additional line item on your paycheck each week.

Script for capturing leads from potential customers:

“I can get some information from you and forward it over to someone in our office who can get you a quote right away.
  • Can I get your first and last name (confirm spelling is correct)
  • What’s the full address of your home/property?
  • What’s the best phone number to reach you at?
  • We usually like to email our appointment confirmations so that you have it for your records. What’s a good email address for that?
  • And what services are you interested in?
Ok great. I’m forwarding this on to our office right now. Teena will be in touch with you soon to get you a quote. Thank you!”