The Best Concrete Rust Remover and Orange Battery Acid Stain Remover...


Got Rust?

F9 BARC is the world’s best concrete rust remover, fertilizer stain remover, irrigation rust stain and orange acid burn cleaner.

Rust stain removal can be very difficult to remove and we have the solution! Whether you have received a ticket from your HOA or would like a professional service to achieve the best results possible, F9 Authorized Applicators have professional tools to get the job done right. Our National F9 TEAM can remove rust, irrigation stains, battery stains and other contaminants from concrete sidewalks, bricks, pavers, tile, stone, stucco, vinyl siding, concrete coatings, pool decks, roof shingles, asphalt, rubber, and more...WITH NO DAMAGE to your surface.

We are Professional Applicators of F9 BARC with trained professionals that achieve excellent results!

Who are we?

F9 Battery Acid Restoration Cleaner (BARC) is specifically developed to get rid of each  battery acid staining AND rust stains. This includes the complete spectrum of the rust family- skinny, thick, topical, embedded, and plant food staining. BARC is straightforward to use and doesn't need cleanup, brushing or exertion. BARC is prepared to go upon arrival and doesn't need mixing. F9 BARC with chemicals locks into the concrete, reversing  80-100% of the orange staining and restores concrete to its natural bright grey color.

Professional rust removal is an art and a science. Each case of rust, fertilizer and orange battery staining is a little different. A Professional Applicator has been trained to recognize the different types of rust and how to remove them without surface damage to your concrete. Rust removal on concrete is never a "spot application." Trained professionals restore your concrete, as well as the rust spot to ensure an even appearance and deep cleaning. Rust on concrete is on of the most difficult concrete stains to remove. Experience combined with proper training and cleaning techniques make a Professional Applicator the right choice for your restoration job.

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