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We are a local, family owned-and-operated small business in the truest sense of the word.

Who are we?

Patrick Clark started pressure washing in 2006. He converted to a safer method he has coined "Precision Cleaning" in 2008 after being convinced of its many benefits over the type of cleaning he was doing. He has since become a nationally recognized leader in the industry.  Patrick teaches at national conventions and his advice is sought daily by contractors getting started in this business across the United States.

Patrick's wife, Shielagh, manages most of the business-side of things, and even his kids like to get in on the action. If you meet their 9-year-old son, the first and second questions he is likely to ask you are wether your roof needs to be cleaned and if you want his daddy's phone number!

In 2013, Patrick made the decision to begin expanding. Precision Pro Wash now has locally owned and operated branches in Charleston, SC, Endicott, NY and two more on the horizon in Virginia and Georgia! We are excited about helping others acheive their dream of owning their own business while also providing homeowners the benefit of our 10 years experience in more cities across the country!

Precision Cleaning vs. High-Pressure Cleaning

Trust us...there's a difference.

The Unique Precision Cleaning System

Dark stains on your roof are caused primarily by a persistent type of algae. The Precision Cleaning System gently removes the staining without harming the roof itself.  AND it kills the algae and other harmful organisms so the stains don't come back!

  • The microorganisms that cause roof staining actually have tiny root systems which physically break down asphalt roof shingles, allowing larger types of organisms to grow on your roof. The Precision Cleaning System kills these roots and applies an algaecide & fungicide to protect against future attacks.
  • Precision Cleaning uses sodium hypochlorite (bleach), which is necessary to remove harmful algae, bacteria, mold, and fungus with nearly 100% efficiency.
  • During use and disposal, 95% to 98% of bleach rapidly breaks down into salt and water, so there’s no need to worry about environmental harm. The remaining byproducts are effectively treated by municipal wastewater and septic systems.
  • Sodium hypochlorite is the same chemical used to sanitize and brighten our swimming pools.
  • Precision Cleaning application is very fast and you'll see results immediately!
  • Our cleaning solution is applied with an electric pump, which greatly minimizes noise and pollution.

High Pressure Water

High-pressure water "cleans" by reducing the staining on your roof, but doesn't kill the microorganisms that cause it. AND, it doesn't just remove stains - it removes bits of your roof too, greatly shortening its lifespan.

  • Without the introduction of the correct chemical formula to sanitize the roof, power washers only strip away the top of the algae bloom, leaving behind the living roots.
  • Pressure washing negates the manufacturer’s warranty of most roofing materials.
  • Power washing blasts the spores of algae, fungus, and mold deeper into surface cracks and fissures in building materials, encouraging quick re-growth.
  • Pressure washing is not ideal for maintenance cleanings. Repeated blowing and blasting of water on building surfaces accelerates deterioration, and this gives tiny roots more places to take hold.
  • Power washers can strip away paint, damage siding, and even crack windows if not carefully done.
  • Pressure washing uses noisy gasoline engines and takes about 3 times longer than Precision Cleaning.

Patrick Clark Biography

Owner of Precision Pro Wash

I’m Pat Clark, owner of Precision Pro Wash in Greenville, SC. My wife, Shielagh, and I have 4 beautiful children. Logan, 8, Abigail, 7, Noah, 3, and Greta, 2. We homeschool and run our business together.

Prior to starting our business, I worked for a builder grading lots while I washed cars part-time and experimented with pressure washing. The builder went under during the recession in 2007. With a 3 week old baby, no job and a floundering business, I was left with no choice but to make it happen. We struggled for a few years but with a great deal of tenacity and prayer coupled with a fervor to learn, we did just that! I now work ON my business, not IN it. We provide employment for 15 people and superior service to our community.

Our business provides me the time and the finances I need to enjoy my family and to mentor others.  Our learning curve was cut very sharply by the networking events, message boards, vendors, and my mentors. I am passionate about helping others for two reasons. First, I know how much I’ve learned from others who were willing to share their knowledge so freely – I want to pay it forward, if you will. Second, I know the value of a dose of encouragement. Having grown up in foster care and constantly been told I would never amount to anything, I am familiar with defeat. However, I believe anyone can do anything and I believe anyone willing to speak into another person’s life has the power to change it.  I needed that encouragement and support in my life and I believe in giving it as often as I find the opportunity!

I’d be honored to earn your vote to serve on the Board of Directors where I would put my passion for others to use. Feel free to call my cell (864) 434-8955 with any questions.

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We are a local, family owned and operated business in the truest sense. We have
served the Southeast since 2006. We now have family owned locations in 4 states.

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